The IDEAS Decentralized Energy Access Topics of discussion:

Technology Track- Topics
No Topics
1 DC nano- and micro-grids
2 Direct PV solar to appliances
3 Battery energy storage systems
4 Multi-value appliances with integrated PV
5 Grid-forming solutions for multi-inverter grids
6 Integrating PV solar, thermal and storage
7 Scalable grid using plug-n-play DER resources
8 Black start and switching of IBR rich grids, including grid-transformer transients
9 Stability of decentralized microgrids under unbalance, harmonic and fault conditions
10 Clean cooking, cooling, transportation and other high-power solutions for energy access
11 Bottom-up grid w/o comms or central control
12 Pumping, graining, milling and other productive use solutions
13 Collaborative control of autonomous multi-vendor grid-connected inverters
14 Energy access solutions for high-latitude communities
15 Infinitely scalable IBR rich grids
16 Communications, sensing, IoT and other enabling technologies for energy access
17 Autonomous adhoc fractal microgrids that operate with generation surplus or shortage
Impact Track- Topics
No Topics
1 Policies for accelerating deployment of new energy access solutions
2 Technology adoption and co-creation challenges in energy access
3 Scalable business models for last-mile
4 Centralized vs decentralized energy systems
5 Viable business cases for productive energy use
6 Ensuring interoperability across vendors and fast-moving technology generations
7 Energy justice and Leave No One Behind solutions
8 Operation and maintenance of energy access solutions
9 Gender and energy nexus
10 Integrated pay-go and commerce platforms for secure scalable energy systems
11 Solutions enabling consumer financing and affordability

The IDEAS conference will be collocated with the IEEE Empower a Billion Lives (EBL) global competition ( planning and prelaunch activities. EBL2025 teams that are selected for the second round will be invited to present their solutions for final track grouping.

For further information on submitting a tutorial, paper or in exhibiting at IEEE-DEAS, please visit or contact for additional information. Papers accepted and presented at the IDEAS Conference will be eligible for submission to the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics and other IEEE-PELS publications.